Our Crew

Glenn Gunelic- As the owner of Oakwood Farms, I have dedicated the past two decades to my passion of growing quality plants and serving the gardening needs of the Essex community. I have also accumulated a wealth of knowledge on alternative heating methods. In the early 2000s I began to sell pellet stoves, and then multi-fuel stoves. I have satisfied customers across New England. Check out my stove website for more information: http://www.vermontpelletstove.com/index.html

Brigette- I have been an avid gardener since I was old enough to hold a shovel and help my father plant tomatoes and my grandfather harvest potatoes some thirty plus years ago. Growing up I was very fortunate to have a dear friend who introduced me to the wonderful world of perennials and shared some of her extra plants with me so I could start my own garden. Since then I have had numerous vegetable and flower gardens and spent ten years turning a barren yard into an oasis for the birds. I have a special interest in creating gardens to attract butterflies and hummingbirds. It is difficult for me to choose one favorite plant because I love all plants, but if I have to choose only one it is the sunflower. I am happy to be part of the Oakwood Farms team again this year, my second year, and look forward to assisting everyone with their gardening needs.

Cassidy- After my first job as a florist’s apprentice I realized my love of flowers was something that wouldn’t fade so easily. I spent the following season at a large-scale greenhouse, building gardens for friends and family members, and generally obsessed. I am very excited to be working at Oakwood Farms this year, my first year, and look forward to helping customers make selections based on their planting conditions. I am also knowledgeable about shade plants and can assist with the planning of shade/woodland gardens. My favorite plants are those with deep indigo flowers, unusual histories and fragrance…so watch out, I might sneak a few iris or lilac into your cart!


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